Alumni Job Board

Alumni Job Board


Nightingale College is contributing to the future of health care by preparing students for practice by combining current technology and core educational principles. The institution is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Nightingale College specializes only in nursing education. Its current CEO, Mikhail Shneyder, is also a registered nurse and is dedicated to making a positive impact on health care in Utah and its communities.

Nightingale College’s ADN and BDN Programs are establishing an innovative approach to nursing education. By offering a comprehensive blended-distance delivery of instruction, Nightingale College and its employees are transforming, refining, and contributing to a new system of nursing education. Nightingale College is dedicated to changing the course of health care and has a vast effect on the communities it serves. At the core of all that is accomplished, learner’s success is the primary focus. Nightingale College’s learners are professional, motivated, and educated to adhere to the vision and guiding principles of the College.

Nightingale College is excited to be recognized as one of Utah’s Top Workplaces by the Salt Lake Tribune. For the third time in four years, Nightingale has placed among the top workplaces in the small business category. In 2019
Nightingale was ranked No. 16.

Open Positions:

Nightingale Partner Employer’s Open Job Board

Business's who have a job for our alumni/students

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National Job Board allows you to enter your specialized or general field of nursing for jobs in your area!

Find your dream career on the #1 job site in the world! allows you to read employee reviews of the business you are prospecting, as well as apply to any openings within that business.


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