Building Community

Building Community

Behaves in ways that contribute to creating an environment of belonging.


  • Utilize self-awareness to identify and mitigate bias on personal, relational, and process levels.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
  • Suspend judgement and stay in a state of curiosity.
  • Work to understand and respect values, attitudes, beliefs, and mores that differ from my own.

Less Skilled

  • Drive results at the cost of collaboration/relationships/community.
  • Act from a place of unexamined bias and do not ask questions or seek to understand others’ perspectives.
  • Act in ways that are consistently perceived as difficult to collaborate with or unapproachable.
  • Detract from Nightingale Mission/Vision/Pathway by pushing my personal agenda.
  • (Overuse) Mistake a lack of conflict for kindness or avoid productive conflict.
  • (Overuse) Ostracize or criticize those who are earlier in their self-awareness and inclusion journeys or expect perfection from others.

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