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I readily share information with appropriate parties to enable greater self-awareness, deeper relationships, and better outcomes.


  • Am transparent about my motivations (requires self-awareness).
  • Openly communicate with others with intentional candor.
  • Share concerns/feedback directly with those closest to the issue.
  • Provide data transparency through clear, accurate, accessible KPIs.
  • Can articulate decision-making processes.
  • Work to ensure shared understanding: check in with others, reflect my understanding of others.
  • Share the right information with the right audience at the right time.
  • Understand some information requires discretion.

Less Skilled

  • Withhold information, opinions, or perspectives.
  • Agree in the moment but do not act in accordance with agreement.
  • Share concerns/feedback with individuals indirectly.
  • Seek information from the wrong sources.
  • Do not have, do not share, or misrepresent outcomes/results.
  • Make unqualified assumptions.
  • (Overuse) Share information with those who cannot positively impact the outcome or are not impacted by it.
  • (Overuse) Share opinions/feelings without first examining them and taking responsibility for them.
  • (Overuse) Expect transparency without discretion.


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