Nightingale College DSST Policy

Nightingale College welcomes learners from a wide variety of backgrounds and learning experiences. We recognize their prior learning by accepting DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST) exams.

For More Information about the DSST, log on to www.getcollegecredit.com.

Learners who achieve at least the minimum required scores on DSST can earn the credits and associated course exemptions listed below.

DSST Exam Title SemesterHours Minimum Score
Technical Writing 3 400
A History of the Vietnam War 3 400
An Introduction to the Modern Middle East 3 47*
Art of the Western World 3 400
Astronomy 3 400
Civil War and Reconstruction 3 400
Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet 3 400
Ethics in America 3 400
Introduction to World Religions 3 400
Principles of Public Speaking 3 400
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 3 45*
Fundamentals of College Algebra 3 400
Principles of Statistics 3 400
Physical Science
Human/Cultural Geography 3 400
Physical Geology 3 46*
Principles of Physical Science I 3 400
Social Sciences
Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3 400
Substance Abuse 3 400

*Test scores yet to be updated to the criterion-reference methodology by DSST

To have credit posted to your Nightingale College academic record, please follow these steps:

  1. Print and complete the first section of the Application for DSST Test Credit Form. Click here to print the Application for DSST Test Credit Form.
  2. Attach an official copy of your DSST scores.
  3. Submit completed application and DSST scores to the Admissions Office.