ADN Program

Utah, Ogden - Main Location of Nightingale College

Nightingale College's Associate of Science Degree program is approved as a distance education program (blended) with on-ground clinicals, on-ground labs and simulations, and online didactic instruction.




DDC Areas with Local Lab

St. George, Utah
Pocatello, Idaho

To see a list of all approved DDC* areas with local labs, click here


DDC Areas without Local Lab

Evanston, Wyoming
Twin Falls, Idaho

To see a list of all DDC* areas without local labs, click here


Health care systems interested in becoming a DDC Partner, click here to learn more about Nightingale College's DDC Partnership.

RN to BSN Program

Online RN to BSN Program

Nightingale College's RN to BSN Program is approved as a full distance education program and is enrolling students from Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. The future of health care relies on the generation of nurses who are equipped with the latest nursing knowledge and skills that allow them to practice in a variety of nursing specialties and environments. Nightingale College's full-distance RN to BSN Program is designed for working RNs who want to elevate health care and gain advanced nursing knowledge and skills. The program offers both Full- and Part-time schedules, making it possible to progress through the Program at a speed that is best for you and your situation.


Throughout the RN to BSN Program, learners are required to build upon nursing competencies, elevate critical thinking skills, and develop leadership characteristics through carefully designed projects (Community Health and the employer-focused Capstone Leadership Project).


Our Program is for nurses who are ready to make a difference and become a leader in the profession. Learn to be prepared for the future of nursing by enrolling into the RN to BSN Program, we invite you to discover more »

Application Deadlines

Nightingale Next Start Date

Nightingale College is proud to offer programs with No Waiting Lists! Start your education to become a confident, competent, and compassionate nurse.

Nightingale College delivers a fully accredited Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program. The College also offers an RN-to-BSN Program for associate degree nurses.

Application deadlines are the same for the ADN Program and RN-to-BSN Program. The College has three starts per year, the next being August 28, 2017.

The Admissions department has three (3) application deadlines or rounds for every start. The programs' rounds are:

Round 1 Deadline: May 31st
Round 2 Deadline: June 30th
Round 3 Deadline: July 31st

After each round, acceptance and denial letters are sent to applicants. When cohorts are filled the Admission department will begin accepting applications for the next start date. It is highly recommended that you submit your application as early as possible. Application process »

Earn Your ASN Degree in as few as 20 Months!

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What Our Learners Are Saying About Us

  • The best part about my education at Nightingale College was small class size and I made really good friends with my classmates and my teachers.

    Nightingale College Graduate

    Tana M.
    Nightingale College Graduate, Class of 2012

  • My favorite moment at Nightingale College was the clinical time and interacting with the patients.

    Nightingale College Graduate

    Natan G.
    Nightingale College Graduate, Class of 2012

  • I've seen so many staff members go above and beyond to help students. They've even handed out their cell phone numbers to call them after hours.

    Nightingale College Graduate

    Lydia H.
    Nightingale College Student, Class of May 2015

  • I’m from California and Nightingale’s no wait list is the reason I am in Utah becoming a nurse.

    Nightingale College Graduate

    Dalbir S.
    Nightingale College Graduate, Class of 2012

  • I came to Nightingale over other nursing programs because the time and money that I was going to save to finish my degree with no wait list was worth it.

    Nightingale College Student

    Michelle A.
    Nightingale College Student, Class of May 2015

  • The best part about Nightingale College is the teachers and the knowledge and experience that they bring to every class and clinical.

    Nightingale College Student

    Jeremy R.
    Nightingale College Student, Class of Jan 2015

  • I recommend Nightingale's nursing school because their staff is present during every step of your journey.

    Nightingale College Student

    Mary Virginia P.
    Nightingale College Student, Class of May 2015