Faculty and Staff

Kendra CurleyAssistant Controllerkcurley@nightingale.edu




Mikhail Shneyder President and CEO mshneyder@nightingale.edu
Kara Harmon Vice President, Operations | Controller kharmon@nightingale.edu
Jonathan Tanner Vice President, Partnerships & Business Development jtanner@nightingale.edu
Nerima Pasic Director, Academic Services npasic@nightingale.edu
Jeana Reece Director, Admissions jreece@nightingale.edu
Suzette Scheuermann Director, Nursing Education Services sscheuermann@nightingale.edu
Kevin Smith Director, Organization Development and Effectiveness kmith@nightingale.edu
Nicole Flores Manager, Special Projects | Executive Assistant nflores@nightingale.edu
Linda Flynn Manager, Associate Degree Programs – Ogden lflynn@nightingale.edu
Russell Fuller Manager, Academic Technology and Analytic Services rfuller@nightingale.edu
Susan Jero Area Manager, DDC sjero@nightingale.edu
Mark Larsen Manager, Labs and SIMS mlarsen@nightingale.edu
Jennifer Morris Manager, Financial Aid jmorris@nightingale.edu
Ashley Thompson Manager, Learner Advising and Life Resources athompson@nightingale.edu
Faith Williamson Manager, Accreditation and Process fwilliamson@nightingale.edu
Mac McCullough Regional Manager, Partnerships mmccullough@nightingale.edu
Kendra Haslam Assistant Controller khaslam@nightingale.edu
Linda Benson Manager, Curriculum lbenson@nightingale.edu
Emily Crawford Assistant Manager, Marketing ecrawford@nightingale.edu
Stacie McVay Assistant Manager, Admissions smcvay@nightingale.edu
Samantha Hanlon Counselor, Learner Advising and Life Resources shanlon@nightingale.edu
John Bouwer Coordinator, Learner Accounts jbouwer@nightingale.edu
Heather Hawkins Coordinator, General Education hhawkins@nightingale.edu
Jamila Lowe Coordinator, Learner Advising and Life Resources jlowe@nightingale.edu
Elia Miller Coordinator, People Services emiller@nightingale.edu
Catherine Welker Librarian cwelker@nightingale.edu
Lisa Hoskins Recruiter lhoskins@nightingale.edu
Kateryna Tishyna Registrar ktishyna@nightingale.edu
Rachel Outeiro Registrar routeiro@nightingale.edu
Nicholas Benson Assistant Registrar nbenson@nightingale.edu
Noemi McCormick Advisor, Financial Aid nmccormick@nightingale.edu
Rochelle Morgan Advisor, Financial Aid rmorgan@nightingale.edu
Rebecca Christlieb Advisor, Admissions rchristlieb@nightingale.edu
Katherine Dials Advisor, Admissions kdials@nightingale.edu
Jennifer Zaugg Advisor, Admissions jzaugg@nightingale.edu
Chase Harmon Assistant, Learner Support Services charmon@nightingale.edu
Makenzie Peterson Assistant, Academic Technology Support | Proctor mpeterson@nightingale.edu
Kyle Ritzinger Assistant, Learner Support Services kritzinger@nightingale.edu
Sylvia Orosco Receptionist sorosco@nightingale.edu
Heather Surles Receptionist hsurles@nightingale.edu
Julia Brown Library Assistant | Proctor jbrown@nightingale.edu
Mona Wilson Skills and Simulation Lab Tech mwilson@nightingale.edu
KayDee Wiese Operations Coordinator, Nursing Programs kwiese@nightingale.edu
Jessica Bartlett Assistant Professor jbartlett@nightingale.edu
TJ Carter Assistant Professor tcooper@nightingale.edu
Earlene Cooper Assistant Professor ecooper@nightingale.edu
Sheri Cunningham Assistant Professor scunningham@nightingale.edu
Randy Heninger Assistant Professor rheninger@nightingale.edu
Su-Ellen Johnson Assistant Professor sweyland@nightingale.edu
Laraine Larson Assistant Professor llarson@nightingale.edu
Caroline Leone Assistant Professor cleone@nightingale.edu
Christina Meadows Assistant Professor cmeadows@nightingale.edu
Chyleen Tucker Assistant Professor ctucker@nightingale.edu
Jessica Walker Assistant Professor jwalker@nightingale.edu
Tanna Woods Assistant Professor twoods@nightingale.edu
Brooke Forney Coach, Learner Success bforney@nightingale.edu
Patty Ackermann Instructor packermann@nightingale.edu
Jan Allen Instructor jallen@nightingale.edu
James Benson Instructor jbenson@nightingale.edu
Sheron Cox Instructor scox@nightingale.edu
Sandra Evans Instructor sevans@nightingale.edu
Kathleen Frisbie Instructor kfrisbie@nightingale.edu
Kay Haw Instructor khaw@nightingale.edu
Taylor Keele Instructor tkeele@nightingale.edu
Nicole Lamb Instructor nlamb@nightingale.edu
Haley Mathson Instructor hmathson@nightingale.edu
Linda Rusch Instructor lrusch@nightingale.edu
Karen Sincerbeaux Instructor ksincerbeaux@nightingale.edu
Charlotte Hedberg Adjunct Instructor, General Education chedberg@nightingale.edu
Eric Cox Adjunct Instructor, General Education ecox@nightingale.edu
Michael Flynn Adjunct Instructor, General Education dlucas@nightingale.edu
Holly Nowers Assistant Professor, General Education hnowers@nightingale.edu
Alison Stander Custodian