Nightingale College’s purpose for existence is to improve the communities it serves and ultimately contribute to the reshaping of health care in the State of Utah and across the nation by preparing its nursing graduates according to the following guiding principles:

Confidence: Incorporating evidence-based practices through scientific research findings and application in health interventions to provide safe and effective client care. Recognizing that clinical decision making is not a single event, but simultaneous processes that include assessment and client participation in planning, implementation, treatment, ongoing evaluation, and reflection.

Competence: Exhibiting social justice, caring, advocacy, protection from harm, respect for self and others. A graduate must incorporate collaboration and ethical behavior into clinical practice by observing, interpreting, responding to, and reflecting on the ethical dilemmas using correct principles and frameworks as a guide.

Compassion: Establishing relationships based on empathy, caring, mutual trust and respect. Developing and implementing care that reflects the age, attitudes, belief system, core values, and client preferences. Also, demonstrates professional advocacy to ensure health care needs are met.