Hub Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Congratulations on being selected as a Nightingale College Hub Partner! Prior to outfitting your facility with the required equipment, please understand the following:

  • The College and your facility have aligned interests in providing confident, competent, and compassionate nurses to the communities served.
  • Your facility will provide space to house the College’s DDC area hub.
  • The College outfits the hub with all necessary experiential learning equipment and supplies.
  • The College is obligated to educate and support learners throughout the entirety of their respective academic program with minimal disruptions.
  • Your facility supports the College’s obligation to the learners by minimizing any disruptions, to the best of its ability, through:
    • Communicating openly;
    • Assisting with any potential changes; and
    • Assisting in solving issues.
  • Your facility and the College will do their best to support each other through a synergistic brand relationship.
  • The College’s pre-licensure ADN and BSN courses have a minimum cohort enrollment of five (5) learners. There is no minimum cohort enrollment for General Education (GE) in the ADN and BSN courses; however, learners may have to wait until the minimum cohort enrollment is met to progress in the academic program.  The RN-to-BSN courses have no minimum cohort enrollment.

If you have any questions, please let your College Area Development Manager or Regional Manager know.