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Nightingale College continues to monitor the changing conditions related to COVID-19 throughout the United States. To promote the safety, health, and general wellbeing of our learners and the communities we serve, Nightingale College has adapted our Experiential Learning activities each semester as needed to allow our learners to continue to move forward in their program.  While some experiential learning activities will still be offered virtually, we are excited to be able to resume various experiential learning activities on ground at our partner hub locations.  For a list of the experiential learning hours and the breakdown of virtual versus on-ground facilitation, click here.

Learners will begin the semester utilizing the online and hybrid experiential learning models. Schedules for the online portion of experiential learning will be coordinated and delivered during the add drop periods of the Fall semester. Schedules for the live on-ground portion of experiential learning will be communicated after week 2 (two) of the semester as facilities and spaces are able to follow all appropriate public health and safety guidelines in your experiential learning hub location. Please note we will do all we can to keep you informed with enough time to coordinate other’s needs to allow you to attend as soon as we are able.

All individual learner preceptorships will continue subject to the respective facilities’ COVID-19 policies. We recognize that these are unprecedented circumstances and are diligently working to provide meaningful and appropriate experiential learning required for learners to attain the clinical reasoning and skills required to pass the NCLEX exam and excel in their future nursing career. We continue to work with our Healthcare Partners and local communities to ensure a safe learning environment for all.

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