Challenge Examinations

Nightingale College’s General Education Challenge Examinations

Challenge Examinations are intended to give matriculated learners an opportunity to demonstrate their advanced knowledge and subject competence to receive academic credit including, but not limited to, the following conditions (refer to the College Catalog for complete descriptions):

  • Course Regency Requirement Credit Transfer Waiver,
  • Block Credit Transfer Waiver,
  • Final Grade of C- Credit Transfer Waiver, and
  • Completion of GE courses through the College’s GE ClearTrack option powered by Straighterline.

Challenge Examinations General Information

  • Challenge Examinations are available to matriculated Nightingale College learners.
  • Challenge Examinations are created by Nightingale College faculty.
  • Nightingale College will allow up to 18 credit hours earned through Nightingale’s Challenge Examinations.
  • A specific Challenge Examination may be attempted only one time.
  • Please see Transfer of Credit Waiver through Prior Learning Assessment section in the College Catalog for required passing scores.
  • No grade is awarded for the course challenged.
  • Transcripts will note that credit awarded are Challenge Examination credits.*
  • The following challenge options are available:
    • College Algebra (MAT 110): 3 credit hours
    • Human Anatomy (SCI 220): 4 credit hours
    • Human Physiology (SCI 221): 4 credit hours
    • Microbiology (SCI 251): 4 credit hours
    • Pathophysiology (SCI 321): 3 credit hours

To obtain credit by Challenge Examination, please follow these steps:

  1. Print and complete the Application for Challenge Examination Credit Form in conjunction with the General Education Coordinator. Click here to print the Application for Challenge Examination Credit Form.
  2. General Education Coordinator will submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office. Contact the Registrar’s Office with Challenge Examination transcript questions at
    (801) 689-2160.

*Note: Nightingale Challenge Exams are only recognized by Nightingale College. Credits cannot be transferred to other institutions.

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