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Learner Residency Modalities

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Learner Residency Modalities

a. Hybrid-Virtual
Refers to learners who are engaged in distance and blended courses and have assigned Supervised On-ground Field Experiences (SOFE).

Note: The College makes SOFE assignments based on available openings at SOFE sites. The College cannot guarantee learners will receive on-ground experiential learning assignments at any specific SOFE site or within any particular area. Learners may be assigned to complete on-ground experiential learning requirements anywhere within the United States. Learners refusing SOFE placement for any reason will receive a failing grade if the required experiential learning or integrated practicum course hours are not complete by the end of the semester. 

b. Full-Virtual
Refers to learners who are engaged in distance courses only.


Course Delivery Modalities

a. Distance
Refers to education using certain telecommunication and/or broadcast technologies where there is a separation between learners and faculty. Distance education delivery may be synchronous (in real time) or asynchronous (not in real time) and supports regular and substantive interactions between learners and faculty.

b. On-ground
Refers to educational methodologies that do not provide for space nor time separation between learners and faculty. On-ground engagements refer to synchronous (in real time) direct focused client care, applied field experience, and the integrative practicum.

c. Blended
Refers to courses that include both distance and on-ground educational delivery methodologies.

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