BMTC-to-BSN Advanced Placement Program

Enroll in our bmtc to bsn nursing programThe BMTC-to-BSN Advanced Place Program is based on and stems from the current ADN and RN-to-BSN Programs at Nightingale College. This program is available for current or past military corpsmen or medics that have completed the Basic Medical Training Corpsman (BMTC) program (or other military equivalent). Learner Outcomes (LOs) and content of the BMTC-to-BSN Advanced Placement Program are identical to those in the current ADN and RN-to-BSN Programs. The BMTC-to-BSN Advanced Placement Program was developed by mapping the current BMTC curriculum against Nightingale College’s current ADN curriculum in order to determine what nursing core content was previously covered and in the BMTC curriculum for a nursing degree. After the overlapping components of both curricula were identified, courses were created based on needs identified for this program.

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Learners engage in didactic, experiential learning, and capstone experiences in community nursing, leadership, policy, ethics, critical care, gerontology, health promotion, disease prevention, informatics, and other key nursing concepts. The curriculum is specifically constructed to promote career mobility in nursing. Upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed BMTC-to-BSN Program curriculum, the student will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

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BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program Objectives

  • Graduate baccalaureate-level nurses who will improve individual, family, and community health and wellness by applying clinical reasoning, evidence-based skills and knowledge, and leadership in practice.
  • Facilitate career mobility of graduates and help meet the demand for professional nurses in the State of Utah and nationwide.
  • Increase the availability of advanced nursing education opportunities for qualified students.
  • Improve access to nursing education, class scheduling flexibility, and learning efficacy through the utilization of a variety of innovative instruction delivery methods and learning modalities, including synchronous and asynchronous online engagements, capstone activities, and distance learning.

Program-Level Learner Outcomes

At Program completion, as measured by evaluation activities throughout the Program, the graduate will:

  1. Exemplify quality, competent, client-centered care—always demonstrating awareness of the physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, cultural, and environmental aspects of the clients’ needs.
  2. Demonstrate intentional learning, clinical reasoning, and reflection in order to purposefully lead in the profession and provide holistic care to their clients.
  3. Integrate and perform research in nursing’s identified best practices; demonstrate the ability to practice based on evidence they have analyzed and applied in their profession.
  4. Make decisions demonstrating clinical judgment, taking into consideration ethical, moral, legal, and evidence-based principles.
  5. Exemplify leadership and management skills and attributes appropriate for their role as BSN-level registered nurses.
  6. Engage in effective communication—therapeutically and professionally—with and without the use of technology.
  7. Assess, improve, and assure quality and safety situations in their work environments as nurses.
  8. Collaborate effectively with others and function as valuable team members of an interdisciplinary team.

BMTC-to-BSN Advanced Placement Program Core Competencies

  1. Client-Centered Care
  2. Intentional Learning with Reflection
  3. Evidence-Based Practice
  4. Decision-Making and Clinical Judgment
  5. Organizational, Local, and Global Leadership
  6. Communication and Informatics
  7. Quality and Safety Assurance
  8. Teamwork and Collaboration

Why choose our BMTC-to-BSN Program?

The program also offers the following benefits:

  • Earn up to 16 credits for BMTC training (or equivalent)
  • Convenient Class Schedules
  • High-Fidelity Mannequins
  • Interactive modules that can be taken via the internet
  • Scholarships available for active duty and their spouses
  • Scholarships available for veterans

Registered Nursing - Getting Started

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