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How and why you should volunteer in healthcare

  Volunteering and giving back is something that Nightingale College values.  Florence Nightingale, our inspiration, went miles above and beyond her duty as a nurse when she was helping soldiers in the Crimean War. As our values statement reads, “Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, lit the way for success with her unwavering values. […]

What do you learn in an RN-to-BSN Program?

So you have your Associate Degree in Nursing. What next? Maybe you’re feeling content as a registered nurse, or maybe you want to strive for something better. Either way, hopefully this information will help you be a little more informed about what Nightingale’s RN-to-BSN Program has to offer.   The program is designed to build […]

Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Nightingale College Accredited? Yes. Nightingale has met the needed standards of quality that an accrediting body has put its seal of approval on our school and programs. Nightingale College is nationally accredited through ABHES, a health care education accrediting agency. Each of our programs is also programmatically accredited. Our ADN Program is accredited by […]


Staff Reacts to Weird Study Tips

We know nursing students are desperate to find any shred of hope for studying the hard concepts in their courses. So we thought we would write a blog that provided helpful study tips, but when we were researching helpful tips, we also found some that were not so helpful. So we asked our staff members […]