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Next Start Date: September 5, 2023.

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Welcome to Nightingale College!

Nightingale College welcomes members of the armed forces and their families. There are many resources for veterans at Nightingale. Our financial aid advisors are trained to handle your unique needs, and we provide a student counselor specifically for military-affiliated students.

Nightingale has partnered with local healthcare facilities to bring
nursing education to your community. Online classroom work combined
with local labs and clinicals allow Nightingale College to deliver its nursing
education through Supervised On-Ground Field (SOFE) Areas.

Nightingale College offers many resources for servicemembers, military spouses, and veterans.

NEXT START DATE: September 5, 2023.

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Discover if Nightingale College is the right fit for you. Nursing school is tough on its own, but choosing the best school can make all the difference in your education. Take some time to peruse our website to see what you can expect as a nursing student at Nightingale College. Our admissions advisors will help answer any questions you have.

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Commit to becoming a registered nurse.  Nursing school takes dedication, determination, and perseverance to be a nurse and requires immense support from your family, friends, and employers, much like being in the military.

Your employer may offer educational benefits to help you further your nursing education. Visit your employer’s HR department to see if you qualify for possible tuition assistance.

There are many financial aid options available to military members and families. Nightingale College offers financial aid advisors who can review your personal situation and help you use, find, and apply for tuition assistance.

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Start the application process. By this stage, you have decided that Nightingale College is the right fit for you and have gotten the necessary information to begin applying. Your admissions advisor will continue to support you throughout the application process to make sure you meet all qualifications and gain access to all the tools and resources that the college offers.

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