American Flag PatchNightingale College has entered into a Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Defense and by doing so can offer Tuition Assistance (TA) to qualified learners. Nightingale College is also a signatory to the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative. As a partner, the College helps servicemembers and their families by expanding education opportunities, easing transferability of academic credit, and increasing job training opportunities for servicemembers, military spouses, and veterans. The College currently has the following military friendly initiatives in place:

Joining Forces Scholarship

The Joining Forces Scholarship is designed to assist servicemembers and veterans in achieving educational and professional goals. The scholarship will be applied during the FA packaging process. The Joining Forces Scholarship cannot be combined with any other College scholarships or tuition or fee waivers.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be an active-duty or reserve member of the U.S. Uniformed Services, or
  • Must be an honorably discharged or retired veteran, or
  • Must be a spouse of an active-duty member of the U.S. Uniformed Services, and
  • Must enroll in a degree program at the College and maintain a minimum 3.00 GPA.

Scholarship Information
Learners meeting the eligibility requirements will receive a scholarship in the amount of $335 per semester credit toward tuition at the College (except BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program). Learners must request the JFS by submitting an application and all required supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office prior to the expiration of the add/drop period in the semester in which JFS is first requested. In addition, active-duty servicemembers and spouses of active-duty servicemembers must provide proof of continued eligibility prior to the expiration of the add/drop period in every semester for which JFS is requested. JFS is not applied retroactively. For the listing of acceptable eligibility documentation, refer to the College’s website. Learners receiving the Joining Forces Scholarship do not qualify for the semester tuition charges described in the respective program sections of the Catalog and will be charged tuition per credit.

Note: Only active-duty and reserve members of the U.S. Uniformed Services will receive a scholarship in the amount of $585 per semester credit toward tuition in the following GE courses only: COM 301, ENG 120, HUM 110, MAT 100, PSY 201, and SOC 220.

BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program

The BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program is based on and stems from the current ADN and RN-to-BSN Bridge Programs at Nightingale College. This Bridge Program is available for current or past military corpsmen or medics that have completed the Basic Medical Training Corpsman (BMTC) program (or other military equivalent). Learner outcomes (LOs) and content of the BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program are identical to those in the current ADN and RN-to-BSN Bridge Programs. The BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program was developed by mapping the current BMTC curriculum against Nightingale College’s current ADN curriculum in order to determine what nursing core content was previously covered in the BMTC curriculum for a nursing degree. After the overlapping components of both curricula were identified, courses were created based on needs identified for this Bridge Program.

Number of GE Credits Transferred InSemesters to Complete BMTC-to-BSN Bridge ProgramWeeks of Instruction to Complete BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program


Learners may enroll in the residential Program option at the Ogden campus or in the full-distance Program option at an approved Dedicated Distance Cohort (DDC) site. Learners engage in online didactic, on-ground lab, on-ground clinical experiences, and capstone project experiences in community nursing, leadership, policy, ethics, critical care, gerontology, health promotion, disease prevention, informatics, and other key nursing concepts. The curriculum is specifically constructed to promote career mobility in nursing. Upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program curriculum, the learner will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Tuition and Fees: BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program
Tuition for the BMTC-to-BSN Bridge Program is $500 per semester credit. Tuition does not include the non-refundable application fee. The College reserves the right to change its tuition and fees at any time with a thirty (30) day notice.

Pre-Licensure Nursing Core Courses
Additional Program fees are presented in the table below.

Digital Learning Resources Package (eBooks)$2,200
Digital Learning Resources Package (Hardbound Textbooks)$2,700
Digital Learning Resources Package (eBooks & Hardbound Textbooks)$3,400
Nursing Kit$140

Note: eBooks include a limited time edition updates from the publishers at no additional cost. New learners may elect to substitute hardbound textbooks for eBooks after the mandatory trial. Any learner may elect to purchase the hardbound textbooks in addition to the eBooks for $1,200 at any time. Learners may elect to purchase the required hardbound editions of all textbooks from third-party providers. Publishers may update any textbook during the learner’s enrollment. In such case, the learner is responsible for purchasing the updated hardbound editions.

Upper-Division (400-Level) Nursing Core Courses
The additional $100 per course fee includes all required digital textbooks (eBooks) and hardbound reference materials.

General Education Courses
The additional $100 per course fee includes all required digital textbooks (eBooks) and hardbound reference materials. The following courses require a payment of a lab fee of $75 per course: SCI 220, SCI 221, and SCI 251.

Tuition does not include the non-refundable application and testing fee. In addition, learners are responsible for expenses, like transportation and lodging, if any, associated with the required preceptorships and clinical rotations.

CLEP, DSST, DLPT, and Advanced Placement

The College accepts/offers a variety of testing options to obtain credit to be applied towards a degree.