I acknowledge, own, and act upon my own contribution to a situation/result. I proactively work to improve myself, my relationships, and my contribution to the College’s mission and outcomes.


  • Acknowledge my reactions as my own in various situations.
  • Work to make a positive impact on my environment, function, and relationships.
  • Look for, and act upon, opportunities to fix and optimize processes in my role and across the organization.
  • Identify and address barriers to achieving role and function outcomes.
  • Work to improve my knowledge and skills to ensure role success.


  • Blame others or the environment for my feelings/outcomes or become defensive.
  • Accept the status quo, or rest on my laurels.
  • (Overuse) Fail to see nuance in complex situations.
  • (Overuse) Do not include relevant or impacted parties in decisions.
  • (Overuse) Miss or ignore opportunities for collaboration.

Other ACT Values

Growth Mindset


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