ACCUPLACER is a admissions testing requirement that includes tests for Arithmetic, Writing, and Reading.

Is there a charge to take the ACCUPLACER?
Yes. There is a $20 fee for this test, not including the $25 proctoring fee. Click here to pay the College ACCUPLACER testing fee online.

When and where may I take ACCUPLACER?
ACCUPLACER tests are administered through Examity, an online proctor. You will need to make an appointment ahead of time for this proctor. There is a $25 proctoring fee for this test. The service is 24/7, so learners may test at whatever time is most convenient for them. Speak with admissions to schedule your test.

What do I need for my test?

  1. Picture ID
  2. Voucher Code (obtained from admissions)
  3. Scratch Paper

Calculators are NOT allowed.

What Accuplacer scores do I need to enroll into the program?

Accuplacer TestRequired Score

How do I get my testing results?
Your admissions advisor will reach out to you regarding your results.

Additional Information
iTunes Accuplacer Study App

Arithmetic Study Guide

Reading Study Guide

Writing Study Guide