ACCUPLACER is a course placement tool that includes tests for Elementary Algebra, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills.

Is there a charge to take the ACCUPLACER?
Yes. There is a $10 testing fee for the English ACCUPLACER Bundle and a $10 testing fee for the Math ACCUPLACER. Click here to pay the ACCUPLACER testing fee online.

When and where may I take ACCUPLACER?
ACCUPLACER tests are administered through the testing center. No appointment is necessary. ACCUPLACER tests will NOT be given during Mid-term and Finals week or during HESI examinations. The testing center hours are:

Monday- Friday 8 am-8 pm*
Saturday 8 am – noon*

The testing center is closed during school observed holidays
*The Accuplacer test is given up until 2 hours before closing.

What do I need to bring to test?

  1. Picture ID
  2. Student ID number

The student ID number is the ID assigned to a student when they are admitted. It may be found on Admissions and Registration paperwork. When entering your ID number into ACCUPLACER, be sure to use zeros (0) not “O”s. Scratch paper will be provided. Calculators are NOT allowed.

What Accuplacer Scores do I need to enroll into English Composition and College Algebra?

Accuplacer TestRequired Score RangeGE Course
Sentence Skills ( Also requires a score of 56-120 in reading Comprehension)55-120English Composition (ENG 120)
Reading Comprehension ( Also requires a score of 55-120 in Sentence Skills)56-120English Composition (ENG 120)
Elementary Algebra50-120College Algebra (MATH110)

How do I get my testing results?
ACCUPLACER test results will be printed immediately after completing the test(s).

Can I transfer my scores from another Institution?
Yes; Nightingale College accepts official ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills test scores taking at other institutions, as long as they are within 6 months of the original testing date.
Nightingale College has the right to audit and investigate the validity of scores. Falsified scores will result in disciplinary action.

Additional Information
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