Dedicated Distance Cohorts (DDC)

DDCs consist of a group of healthcare facilities that have contractually opened access to Nightingale College’s ADN, BDN and RN-to-BSN Bridge Programs to their community. DDC Partners are facilities that collectively form a consortium to provide the required clinicals, donated lab space, and assistance with recruiting students. Nightingale College provides access to its ADN and RN-to-BSN Programs, outfits a local simulation lab, and hires and trains local faculty to oversee clinicals and labs. Together we create access to nursing education and a pipeline for generating the needed RN workforce.

Hybrid-Distance ADN & BDN Programs

When nursing education is not accessible or not meeting the current demands, Nightingale College will partner with local healthcare facilities to provide access to its hybrid-virtual ADN & BDN Programs. Classroom instruction is delivered online and clinicals and simulation are delivered on ground. The RN-to-BSN Bridge Program is 100 percent online, does not have lab and clinicals, and contains a capstone project focused on improving local health care.

Local Simulation Labs

Nightingale College will outfit a local simulation lab at one of the local partners facilities. The lab will include low, medium, and high fidelity simulation. The College will hire and train local faculty to run clinicals and simulations.

Online Didactic Instruction

Traditionally, classroom instruction is given face to face, but with the advancement of technology, online learning is now possible with access to the internet. Nightingale College has an array of online teaching tools that include interactive learning modules, discussion boards, web conferencing, and e-books. These tools allow for increased flexibility as to when and where students access the online classroom.

Local Clinicals

Locally educated RNs are more likely to stay and work in the community. The ADN and BDN programs requires local healthcare partners to form a consortium to provide all the needed clinicals. Without these clinicals the programs can’t be completed. Nightingale College hires and trains local faculty to oversee clinicals.

Tuition Waivers for DDC Students

Nightingale College will offer tuition waivers to employees and friends of employees of DDC Partners. These waivers are in addition to financial aid services (federal loans, pell grants, private loans) and can be as high as $1,800/student per semester*. Tuition waivers increase as DDC partners provide tuition assistance programs, lab space, and a minimum number of starts per semester.

*Dependent on partnership status of the facility and number of credits taken concurrently

DDC Contracts

The two required contracts that must be signed are the DDC Membership Agreement (join the local DDC consortium) and the Affiliation Agreement (allows clinicals to be done at your facility).

Contact a DDC Coordinator

DDC areas can be set up in as few as 4 months. Nightingale College has a set protocol for DDCs and has seen great success in providing graduates that get licensed as RNs and work for DDC partners. If you would like to submit your area for a needs evaluation please click the button below and contact one of our DDC Coordinators.

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