Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

At Nightingale College we believe every step along the education journey matters. Each degree, class, and learning moment should contribute to better serve patients. The RN to BSN Bridge Program at Nightingale College is designed to do just that. The program will push and stretch you as a learner. Program assignments and projects are designed to help you stand out as an employee. This program was designed for working nurses, and while it is true the didactic classes are 100% online for increased flexibility, the lessons will be applied at work as you learn.

The program has an employer-focused Capstone Project that starts in the first semester and will culminate at the end of the program. During the project, learners will identify a needed area of improvement at their work, research best practices, develop a plan for change, and implement the change. Imagine the feeling you will have when you implement an evidence-based principle at work that improves the healthcare offered. Nightingale College wants to be associated with those individuals that want to become agents of health and take ownership for improving healthcare in the communities we serve.

In addition, Nightingale offers this list as to why this degree should matter:

1. Secure your future

The need for nurses grows every year. More and more hospitals require RNs to hold a bachelor’s degree, even for entry level positions. Hospitals are clamoring for Magnet status, which, as of 2013, requires 100% of nurse managers to have at least a BSN. A BSN degree makes you better prepared for bedside care and leadership, so you can choose more career opportunities. In addition, the Institute of Medicine in 2010 called for 80% of the nursing workers to have bachelor’s degrees by 2020. As hospitals elevate their standards the profession will be elevated too.

2. Become a better leader

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. Developing better leadership skills is critical to all aspects of nursing care. Patients look to RNs — new and seasoned — for help, guidance, and care, so every nurse, especially at the bedside, have times when leadership qualities are needed. In addition, BSN-educated nurses are found to be better critical thinkers and communicators, which are two qualities that are emphasized during the program.

3. Become a better nurse

Several studies show BSN nurses use and apply evidenced-based standards of care. Research also concludes that hospitals who employ more RNs who have their BSN achieve lower mortality rates, meaning improved patient care and better outcomes.

4. Improve yourself

Education can change your life. Nightingale College’s learners have advanced their nursing education and also improved their reasoning skills, which are not just used at work. They improve in their roles as a parent, friend, son/daughter, and community member. Nightingale College will push you to become your best self. No doubt life will still happen while in school and you will have to balance life and school, but you will leave an improved person.

5. Complete a quality program quickly

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is three semesters or 12 months (if you require all the needed GEs). Our program is challenging, but compared to the rigorous RN training with clinicals and labs, you should find the program more suited for working professionals.



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