Why do I get a blank screen when I click a Content link in D2L Brightspace when using Google Chrome 29 or higher?

Published 06/10/2016 03:23 PM   |    Updated 06/10/2016 03:23 PM

How do I work around Google Chrome Security from blocking web pages?

Firefox 23 (and higher) has a security setting that prevents some of objects to be displayed, this content is considered “mixed active content.” This is to protect the user from malicious code that could be embedded in the item. There is a workaround to display the content in D2L Brightspace. When Firefox blocks the objects, a shield icon appears in the upper left side of the address bar. Click the shield icon and from the “Keep Blocking” drop-down menu, clickDisable Protection on This Page.” The content should display.

Note: Firefox will block the content each time the page is viewed, so the user will need to click “Disable Protection on This Page” next time that topic is visited.


If you click a Content item in D2L Brightspace and you see a white screen but no content, the browser may be blocking the content from displaying.  Click on the shield icon on the upper right side of the window and click “Load unsafe script” to display content.