Posting Discussions on iPad, iTouch or iPhone

Published 06/10/2016 09:48 AM   |    Updated 06/10/2016 09:48 AM

Why can’t I reply to Discussions with my iPad, iTouch, or iPhone? Why can’t I post to Discussions with my iPad, iTouch, or iPhone?

When using an iPad, iTouch or iPhone, if you are unable to post to discussions (don’t see a Post button) or are unable to reply to Discussions (don’t see the keypad), you can change a setting in your Account Settings in D2L Brightspace. Turning off the HTML Editor option in your Account Settings should enable you to Post and Reply to Discussions using an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone.


If you turn off the HTML Editor, it is easier to enter a subject and the text into the discussion box and the post button shows.

  1. In the Minibar, click Account Settings from the personal menu drop-down.
  2. Under HTML Editor Settings, unselect the “Turn off rich text editor and view source” checkbox.
    • Note: This can be done before going mobile or directly from the iPhone.
  3. Click Save and Close.
  4. Go to Discussions tool and post a discussion message.
    • Note: Be aware that even with a good wifi connection browsing on the iPhone is slow.