The ADN Program prepares learners to become nurses who will improve individual, family, and community health and wellness by applying evidence-based skills and knowledge in their practice.  Increased amounts of RNs will help meet the demand for professional nurses nationwide.


The program is fully accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (ACEN) and is built on the principles of Confidence, Competence, and Compassion.

Unique Program Design

Our ADN program utilizes of a variety of innovative methods and learning modalities. These include online, blended, on-campus and distance learning, course structure, and experiential learning. Questions about Admissions or Financial Aid? Speak directly with an advisor at (801) 689-2160.

Quick Program Glance


Program Length

The ADN Program consists of 10 pre-licensure core nursing courses, delivered over 4 academic semesters, and 20 GE credits, delivered concurrently and in 1 additional academic semester. The total length of the Program for learners electing to complete all GE requirements at the College is 68 semester credits, or 5 academic semesters. The program also grants advanced placement to LPNs.

Program Cost

The retail cost for the Program is $750 per semester credit. Nightingale College does accept a variety of financial aid options.

Click here to view our financial aid page with a variety of scholarships and helpful links.

Program Features

Learners enroll in the blended-distance ADN Program and are classified as Full-Remote, Hybrid-Residential, Hybrid-Remote, or Full-Distance.

Learners engage in online didactic coursework, and on-ground experiential learning within a local partner facility, such as a long-term care center.


Online Didactic

Learners can complete all didactic coursework completely online.

On-Ground Experiential Learning

Learners prepare for patient care by engaging with high-fidelity simulation mannequins in their intervention-skill based experiential learning.

On-Ground Client Care

Learners engage in Direct Focused Client Care Experiential Learning in local partner facilities.